Personal Fitness Trainer Program Adds ANOTHER Certification


So for Mueller College students, it’s not one certification (the NSCA’s Certified Personal Trainer [CPT] designation); it’s not two certifications (the NSCA-CPT and the Primary Licensed Sports Nutritionist designation through the NASN); no – it’ s three certifications that students could attain with Mueller College’s Personal Fitness Trainer certification program. Now students will be able to sit for the Corrective Exercise Specialist designation through the National Academy of the Sports Medicine (NASM). And new PFT Program Director Erin Dougherty wouldn’t have it any other way. “This content creates a nice marriage between the other two certifications we offer. You have to be able to correct before you can build,” she said.


San Diego Personal Trainer Certification SchoolBy adding the Corrective Exercise Techniques course (FIT 080) at the beginning of 2014, the students now have the opportunity to assess their client and create a fitness plan while ensuring that they maintain proper form and function from the very start. It will also help the students retain more of the NSCA-related material to apply toward the Corrective Exercise Techniques course.


The Corrective Exercise Techniques course teaches postural alignment and movement patterns while a client is working out. This focuses not only injury-prevention measures but helps with active movement patterns as well. Students will focus on the proper techniques for their clients: from assessment to active coaching. “Corrective exercise is almost like a crossword puzzle, “ said Dougherty.  “You have to be able to know the exact prescription to correct a movement pattern. It’s highly needed in today’s world where people sit 90% of the time.”


“What this does,” Dougherty continued, “is actually give them more education as potential trainers. Now, not only will they get the NSCA-CPT and the NASN-PLSN designations, but they will get that much more experience – and separation – than just any other entry-level trainer. This will give them more hands-on experience as well. The goal is to make sure the graduates have a broader skill-set than just your average PFT Graduate. Being able to gain all three designations upon graduation will differentiate them for sure.”



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